Introduction to Bilibala Protocol

An income-generating Dapps for the Fractional NFTs holders


Most non-gaming NFTs have no use. Only the scarcity stand is not justified to support the whole ecosystem.

Bilibala Protocol is deploying smart contracts that interact with content monetization and multi-channel network (MCN). Our pilot Dapps is a catalyst to maximize the value of content creators and the community through income-generating Dapps.


Bilibala Protocol aims to build an Own to Earn (O2E) and Share to Earn More (S2E) NFTs ecosystem for future community-owned economies. We believe through smart contracts interaction with content monetization and MCN, we can

  • Incubate potential creators by the crowdsale of Fractional NFTs
  • Earn ad. income by Video NFTs which are distributed on MCN like Youtube, Tiktok, and Twitch. The income is distributed to Fractional NFTs holders that are triggered by the smart contract.
  • Encourage the community to share video content through the S2E scheme. Our smart contracts integrate with the API of MCN, the engaged members can get extra airdrop with just a one-click action on our Dapps

Hypothesis and Approach

The collapse of over-leveraged CeFi, play-to-earn GameFi, or NFTs project in 2022 has the same root causes: the value is created by the manipulation of token leveraging and FOMO. The crash is inevitable until there is income from the real economy rather than the inner loop of token staking, collateral, borrowing, lending, and leveraging.

Being an income-generating Dapps, Bilibala is

  • Generating ad. Income from MCN, a real economy
  • Building O2E, S2E Dapps offering the community an experience of growth and sustainable Web3 user adoption
  • Incubating potential creators by crowdsale of Fractional NFTs. The success of creators is selected by the community rather than the middleman - MCN agents.

What we build

Bilibala will launch the pilot Dapps, in Q3 2023, as income-generating Dapps for Fractional NFTs holders by the building of smart contracts and MCN integration.

Smart Contracts

  • 1. Fractional NFTs, a smart contract that breaks this ERC-721 or ERC-1155 token into several smaller parts, each representing an individual ERC-20 token
  • 2. Crowdsale of Fractional NFTs
  • 3. Airdrop ad. income in stable coin for Fractional NFTs holders (O2E)
  • 4. Airdrop ad. Income in stable coin as an incentive for Fractional NFTs holders’ engagement in contents distribution (S2E)
  • 5. DAO audit on MCN ad. income

MCN integration

  • 1. Integrate with MCN, youtube, TikTok, and twitch with API call to get users’ view, share, subscription, and other engagements
  • 2. Apply for “Content ID”. Monetize ad. income even though the distribution of contents is out of Bilibala MCN

Income distribution

Income distribution to the holders of Fractional NFTs is included in the O2E and S2E


50% of ad. income is distributed to Fractional NFTs holders in stablecoin. This percentage is adjustable throughout the DAO voting.


To avoid bot traffic, each Fractional NFTs address can only be tied with one social media account on Youtube, TikTok, and Twitch. The view, share, like, and subscribe of those social media accounts are eligible for 25% of ad. income based on their engagement in content distribution.


The remaining 25% is reserved as development and marketing funds for the sustainability of Bilibala.

Bilibala Tokenomics

We position our tokenomics as a sustainable ecosystem that creates value by real income flow rather than the distribution of air tokens.

Token Utility

Bilibala token (BILI token) utilities are mostly built in for community governance, gas tokens for platform on-chain activities, and staking incentives as holding rewards.

Holders of BILI tokens have priority to acquire scarce Fractional NFTs during the crowdsale.


A fixed supply of 1 Billion BILI tokens is minted.

  • Category   Allocation
  • Private Sale   20% of the total token supply
  • Public Sale   5% of the total token supply
  • Community   25% of the total token supply
  • Ecosystem / Treasury   30% of the total token supply
  • Team   20% of the total token supply