An income-Generating
Dapps for Fractional

We build smart contracts that interact with content monetization and
multi-channel network (MCN). Our Dapps are deployed as a catalyst to
maximize the value of the content creators and the community.

A Web 3.0 Dapps is building on BNB Smart Chain

How It Works

Bilibala Labs Team

Samuel Kam


Entrepreneur and start up incubator. Experience in scaling small start up to national brand

Andy Chan

COO, Blockchain

Work in tech and marketing. Successfully lead a local business into a multi-millions global corporation.

David Chan


Experienced system architecture. For the past 4 yours, he created innovative solutions for different projects.

Tony Vu

Security Specialist

Cybersecurity specialists, develop and implement security measures to different corporations including AWS projects.

MCN Advisors

Dan Kemmis


Vast Display Network.

Don Samoil

COO, Media

Vast Display Network

Paul Normal


Vast Display Network

Paul Amrheil


Vast Display Network